Thank You Cards Aren’t A Thing Of the Past

Thank You Cards are Crucial

You spend long hours working with your show animal, and when the end of show season comes some chose to sell. There will be donations made to your chapters, trophies, buckles and other goodies. These people are important. Most of the time they are local business owners, looking to donate to a cause worthy organization. FFA and 4-H kids – this is where how you act will determine if they come back!

These donators took time out of their busy schedules and donated money to your cause. Maybe they once were FFA members and like to give back, or maybe they’ve seen how great 4-H kids are and wanted to help them all achieve great things. We are always wanting trophies, cash, and buckles after winning shows, but you have to remember that those things AREN’T FREE. Usually the people behind those great things are made possible by donations. They don’t expect a lot back from the kids they donate to. They just want to see the kids continue doing great things, and most importantly want the kids to at least say thank you.

Show your appreciation

The most important thing that I can’t stress enough to the younger generations of livestock showmen, and chapter officers are that if you don’t tell these people thank you, chances are they won’t come back. If you want to make that extra $200 at the end of show season, I suggest you go shake that persons hand, look them in the eyes and tell them thank you and follow that up with a thank you card.

A handshake is important, but so is the follow up. As a past 4-H and FFA member, I always sent out thank you cards to people that donated to me during my counties sale after show season. The thank you cards separate you from everyone else, because they show that you spent a little more time and effort making sure you thanked everyone that helped you. It looks good on you, and it is a crucial lifelong lesson. A thank you can go a long ways.

After graduating and moving on from the show world I can’t tell you how many local businesses told me that they always looked forward to my thank you cards. I made each card unique, because I told these people how much they meant to me and how their donation helped me with the cost to raise that animal and put some in a college fund.

Guys and gals, local businesses love to put your thank you cards up where everyone can read them. It makes them happy, and it makes you happy to see that. It helps you build a relationship with that person, which in return, will help you in the long run. Not only does it help you, but it is the right thing to do.

Thank You Cards Are Memorable

Think of thank you cards like holding the door open for someone, or helping someone change a tire. If that person you helped doesn’t smile and say thank you, chances are you won’t help that person ever again. Why? Because it is rude to not say thank you. So I hope everyone shows some kindness to the people that keep what we love going. Shake their hand and tell them thank you. They’ll remember your name and respect you for it.

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Breanna Viles

Breanna Viles

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