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Product Designer

Design – in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Select your favorite design.
  2. Add your livestock, name, and customize the colors.
  3. Add it to your cart!

Working with livestock

Customize your livestock

  • Select Livestock from the top bar.
  • Click the name of the kind you would like.
  • Click on the animal you want added.
  • The animal can be moved, resize and re-colored.
  • To delete click the trash icon in the lower left corner.

Working with text

Edit, Re-Color-Move, & Delete

  • You can do it one of two ways. Click on the text itself or click on the word text on the top bar.
  • You can change the name.
  • Change the color.
  • Change the typeface.
  • To remove the text you simply delete the place holder words.

Changing Colors

Design something you love!

  • If an element can have the color changed it will display the options when you click on it.
  • The colors are available via the paint bucket icon.
  • You can always reset your design to the original.

How to Save a Design

Save it for later!

  • You can save your designs and come back to them at a later time!
  • Click the save icon on the left hand side of the designer.
  • Saved designs can be found in your account under the saved designs link!

Share your designs

Great for gift giving!

  • This is SO handy for parents or grandparents! Have your kids design the items they like exactly how they like them.
  • Once they click the share icon they can email or copy and paste a unique link which returns you directly back to the item!

Product Design Guide – the do’s & dont’s

I love making you happy! Your design should look very similar to the sample items shown with your special touches (color, name, livestock). Here are a few things to keep in mind and prevent your order from being canceled and refunded without notice.

Your design should look very similar to the sample items shown with your special touches (color, name, livestock). Items with excessive changes may be refunded.

  • Do not exceed 2 animals OR 1 group per item or your order will be refunded.
  • Your order includes one name or monogram. No quotes, phrases, or excessive text.


*Disclaimer* Product designer is for your convenience only. You must use colors from our color palette. Colors that are not from our color palette will be changed to the closest color we offer. The final product may vary slightly in scale or design. Please note colors will look different from device to device.

Cattle, hogs, lambs, Goats & More

available on all products!

Customer Love

I ordered a customized Otter Box. Absolutely loved it and it arrived quickly! I highly recommend and will order again!

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Kelly Crowder Harmeson