Welcome to our wholesale page!! Here you will find all of the FAQ for our wholesale options at Stock Show boutique. Please refer to this section before contacting us. If your question is still not answered by this page you can either email us at info@stockshowboutique.com or use the contact form on this website.

Ordering Process

Only business owners or show managers may order off the wholesale page. To receive discount code you must show proof of some sort. In the end it is up to SSB on who we will approve or deny wholesale. Examples of people who can order wholesale would be:

A boutique

A company owner ordering logo gear

A show manager for prizes or logo gear

For purchasing wholesale we have select codes set for different ranges of product. Therefore you will personally go in and design your products and add them to the cart. Once you are ready to checkout you will apply a unique code depending on the order quantity.


You will be required to show us some form of proof of business or show before code is given.

We will gladly design each product individually for our customers!! With this option though there will be a design fee added onto your order. This is based on how many products you order starting at a base of $100 and increasing from there.

The cardinal rule in the discount section is expect 20% off your total across the board. Exceptions of this do occur when ordering more than 50 of the same product with the same design on each product.

Example 1: A customer orders 51 lunch bags with a flower background and a cow on it. This person will receive a greater discount because all 51 products are the exact same.

Example 2: A customer orders 51 cutting boards for show awards. Each of the designs is pretty much the same except the words on each are different. THIS PERSON WILL ONLY RECIVE 20% OFF BECAUSE EACH DESIGN IS DIFFERENT.

Example 3: A customer orders 20 garden flags, 20 cutting boards, and 20 water bottles. They will only receive a 20% discount because they did not purchase more than 50 of one single product.

Shipping policy

Due to COVID-19 shipping and production times are longer than normal. If you are needing wholesale items by a specific date we suggest ordering no later than 50 days prior to the event.

Other products

The items listed under the wholesale tab are the only items we can offer a true discount on due to shipping costs. If you see a different item that you would like to purchase as wholesale please contact us at info@stockshowboutique.com