Got Shag? How you can improve your lamb’s fur boots

When I post a picture or my girls share one we are inevitably asked how we get our legs so big. I don’t believe in keeping secrets and try to help anyone we can. I thought some of you might find it useful if I shared our exact care routine and the products we use.

Products We Use

Early Leg Care

Leg care starts as soon as our lambs come home. The first time we thoroughly wash them with a de-greasing shampoo. Once they are clean we apply Conditioning Cream and gently brush down through the hair with a Mini Fluffer. The Mini Fluffer has wide spaced teeth which work perfectly for untangling hair.

Once we have worked the conditioner in we usually let it stand for ten minutes to soften the hair and truly condition it. As soon as this is done we rinse the hair very well. Ensure you have removed all traces of conditioner or the product will build up and itch. This can result in rubbing and even hair loss if left extended amounts of time.

Next, we blow the hair dry, blowing downward to both train the hair to lay the right direction and ensure we don’t re-tangle the hair. Once it is dry, we apply a generous amount of Pro Hair, which we gently rub in to completely cover the hair. We do let them air dry as long as possible, so the hair has a chance to absorb as much of the magic potion as possible. Sometimes we will place them in front of a fan for faster drying.

This is the point we will wrap the legs with the polo wraps found here. I really like these because they don’t have too much give causing them to get too tight. They also breathe well and are a perfect length for lambs.

I also found a video tutorial on wrapping a horse legs you can follow (my inner horse person figured this was the easiest way to show you). The only changes I make from what the video says is I do not start in the middle of the leg. I start right below the knee and I normally try to cover the lower half of the knee to prevent those ugly rubs.

Remember when you open your leg wraps they will be rolled the wrong direction. Unroll them and stick the velcro together. Then re-roll the leg wrap in that same direction and they will work correctly when you wrap your legs.

Don’t get frustrated, you are going to have leg wraps come off, it’s a fact of life. Just adjust how tightly you are wrapping them and the amount of overlap you are using between each wrap.

Intense Summer Care

Once the kids are out of school, our haircare significantly intensifies. We break the lambs into two groups and alternate days, every lamb gets their legs done a minimum of three days a week.

On their day the lamb will have their leg wraps removed and has their legs rinsed for several minutes with cold water. I do believe this is important, much like it is to cattle hair growth I think it plays a role in stimulating the leg wool. Once we are done we blow the leg dry, pointing to the ground. We follow the same steps of Pro Hair, drying and wrapping as previously mentioned. Once a week we also give them a good spray of the Hair Moisturizer and Sheen mixture, the moustrizer is magical stuff in our dry climate!

In the summer we typically deep condition once a week. Occasionally you will get one that gets a little funk from all the TLC. I’ve found the Shapley’s M-T-G works great. You can even use it to grow hair although I find it pretty dirty to use regularly.

I hope you find this useful and maybe a few tips to try yourself.

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Angie Sandy

Angie Sandy

Angie Sandy shares her love for life with her husband and three daughters. She was born and raised in northern Colorado, the same place they raise their girls. As a family they share a passion for all things livestock. They own a small herd of cows they are constantly trying to improve on. They’ve also passed on this love to their kids who enjoy showing 4H lambs, steers and heifers. Aside from these great endeavors she love spending time with her girls, riding horses, growing her budding love of photography and relaxing with friends!
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