Dreams Do Come True

I have been trying to put into words how fantastic state fair was for our family, but I just haven’t been able to do it. A few words come to mind. Blessed. Grateful. Unexpected. Surprised. Humble. Thankful

If you ever needed proof that hard work does pay off we are your proof. If I am being totally honest less then seven years ago we knew nothing about sheep. Not joking … a big fat zero.

Sure I could do anything with a horse, but I had never touched a lamb in my life. My husband had shown a few calves in 4-H but nothing competitive.

I am humbled by the fact that we do work so hard as a family and we have done everything we can to learn. Shout out to Chad Charmasson for equipping us with the knowledge. If you ever have the chance to attend any camp DO IT! I attribute most of the things we have learned to Chad; we have attended or hosted his camp more than five times. You need to find the thing your family is passionate about and do everything in your power to learn.

We all start somewhere

& sure it’s painful

Did I ever think we would be showing sheep at the level we try to? Nope. But if you know me you know, I don’t mess around. I am competitive, and I have certainly instilled that in my children. The only way to be competitive is to work and not just work but work hard day in and day out. I think they would openly admit I am always pushing them to be better. If you ever need to prove to your own child that we all start somewhere, here is your proof!

Sure, those pictures are embarrassing but when I look at old pictures like these I see kids who are just as proud of their livestock back then as they are today. I see personal growth. I see experience. Most importantly I see memories made and time spent with each other.

When you get frustrated I hope you remember the real reason we are all here. Sure, the system is flawed and there are some not so fantastic sides to all of this but in everything, there are lessons taught or learned.

In Her Own Words

Ally in her own words

The Showtimes asked Ally to write about her win. I wanted to share that here for anyone who doesn’t get the magazine. I hope my girls can serve as some inspiration for your family.

We owe so much to the many people who’ve helped us along the way and especially big thanks to the Hild family for selling us Scratch. He was special in every way, we miss his loving personality every day in the barn.

A Few Memories

from our unforgettable day

Photo credits to Beverly Englert and The Showtimes

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Angie Sandy

Angie Sandy

Angie Sandy shares her love for life with her husband and three daughters. She was born and raised in northern Colorado, the same place they raise their girls. As a family they share a passion for all things livestock. They own a small herd of cows they are constantly trying to improve on. They’ve also passed on this love to their kids who enjoy showing 4H lambs, steers and heifers. Aside from these great endeavors she love spending time with her girls, riding horses, growing her budding love of photography and relaxing with friends!
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