Product Designer How To

Product Designer How To

Product Designer How To

One of my goals at Stock Show Boutique is for you to create the items you love! Our product designer is makes that fun and simple. First select the product you want to personalize. When the page loads click the gold customize button, example below.

Once the designer loads all of the designs will be featured on the left side of the page. Select the design you like and click on it. The page will reload with the design and you can customize it and make it perfect for you!

Customizing the colors is easy! Once the design loads click on the background and a box will pop up. Select the "drop" icon and you will see all of the colors. Click on the color you would like to change and swap it for any of the colors in our color palette.

You can add up to three animals on each product. Click the photo icon and select the species you want to add.

You can move the animals by clicking on them and moving them into a position you like. You can re-size them by clicking on them and dragging the corners to the size you like.

You can make the design unique to you by layering animals. There is a 3 animal limit on each product. You can change the colors the same way you change the color of the background, click on it and select the drop icon.

Adding text is done by selecting the text icon in the left menu. Click and choose the add new text to canvas button. Once the text has been added you can customize it (please no quotes or phrases).

The text color can be changed by selecting the drop icon. You can also change the font from the drop down menu. Once you are satisfied with the design you can click the check box in the upper right hand corner.

 The page will reload and your design will appear in the image position on the left side. You can add the product to your cart and checkout.

If you would like to edit the design or create another design just click the buttons on the product page. If you are adding more then one of the same product make sure you click start a new design otherwise you will be editing the item in your cart.


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