Fall Product Launch - Travel

Fall Product Launch - Travel

Can you believe it?! Fall 2018 product launch is here and it is exciting!

But first, let me just say WOW. This year feels like a whirlwind. I know I have been fairly absent on social media in August and September. August was due to county fair and state fair. I have been working in the background to make everything easier and sourcing some new, exciting products. I wanted to create a post dedicated to some of the items I have introduced or brought back. This post is all about travel and a few of the items I have added in the travel collection.

On The Go

Laundry Bags are a hit!

This category has a few luxury items and then a few tried and true items. I am really excited about a few of the things I have been able to source.

Let's start off with the re-introduction of our famous laundry bags! You guys love these and I am so happy I can finally bring them back! We are a family of five and I take the largest one to every show. It works great to pack all of our dirty clothes into. These are also wonderful for college kids! Drawstring top and large shoulder strap.  Click here to design your custom laundry bag.

Custom made livestock laundry bags

Affordable & Fun

custom travel bags

Our next travel product is our new travel bags. These are an affordable custom made bag in two sizes.They are made from a durable waterproof fabric and include an inside zipper, carrying handles and a shoulder strap. Design yours here.


Luxury Item!

Custom made suitcase

Another new addition! Brand new custom made suitcases. These are expensive but that is do in large part to the quality. These suitcases are a perfect addition to any stock show enthusiast's life. Add your choice of livestock, colors and name or monogram and you are set! Design your custom suitcase here.

Eye on Comfort

for your show travels

The next time your hitting the road to look for the next great one or heading to a show why not do it with a little more comfort? We have a brand new memory foam travel pillow in our store. Washable and soft, they are bound to be a hit! Custom make your share.

Custom made livestock travel pillow


  • Angie

    Hi Jeanette, I don’t have any purses at this time. The travel bags are probably the closest thing. There also are some nice tote bags as well. Thanks!

  • Jeanette Hess

    I am looking for 2 hamp pigs lil purse for couple girls…..n i hamp lamb purse

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