Lamb Camp 2015

Lamb Camp 2015

Lamb Camp 2015

Knowledge is Power

This past week I had the pleasure of hosting my first Charmasson Lamb Camp. We welcomed 34 kids and their families from Colorado, Nebraska, California and Wyoming. We've attended the past two years here in Colorado and always enjoyed it an learned so much! Camp is one of those things you almost have to attend a few times to really absorb everything Chad covers.

Having another person tell your kids what to do is worth the price of admission, we've all had those days where we just "don't know anything" (pretty sure this comes with the label of parent) and because of this we can't help our kids or that's what they think anyway. Leaving camp you are armed with tons of new knowledge and the new line "Chad told you to do it like this" which is more than likely what you've been saying all along.

What is Covered

One of my favorite things about camp is every little thing is at least touched on if not deeply explained. Day one begins with a demonstration of washing, shearing and leg fitting. Followed up with time for each child to work on their own lamb and receive help from Chad and Garret Davis. You have plenty of time to ask questions and practice your technique.

After lunch, on day one we had a taco bar, Chad talks about equipment and show day prep.  Next he and Garret provide a detailed showmanship demonstration. At this time the kids have their first of many showmanship sessions where they start from the very basics and practice all of the pieces that will make them into a great showman. The final discussion of the day is health care which is followed up with another round of showmanship work.

Day two there are discussions about daily care, feed and exercise. For me the most valuable part of the day is the four showmanship workouts. I think day two is when you see the biggest change in your kids. They start fully understanding the lessons they have learned. You see multiple light bulb moments and many of the struggles they have experienced in the past seem to become easier. Weaver Leather Livestock generously sponsors camp and each camper receives a valuable door prize in the end. Of course the biggest prize of all for the kids is the Charmasson Lamb Camp shirt they receive at the very end. Below are just a few pictures I captured. Thank you to Chad, Garret and Weaver Leather Livestock for helping educate today's youth!

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