Product Designer Tutorial

Product Designer Tutorial

Product Designer Tutorial

I've received a few questions about the new product designer so I wanted to put together a tutorial for you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Tips & FAQ for using the designer

How do I change the colors?

Click on the item you would like to re-color. Once it is selected click on the paint bucket icon. If there are more then one color you can select the color and choose a new one from the palette.

How do I change the text?

Double click on the existing text and edit the text on screen. You can also change the text color and font in this same popup.

How do I add a photo to a photo item?

Click on the gray box on the item and the image upload will load.

Help! I can't edit an item, when I click it is selecting something else?

This is because there is a layer on top of the item you would like to edit. There are two ways to fix this. Option one is select the layers icon and move the current layer down. This icon looks like papers on top of each other. Option two is to delete the layer you are currently on, make the edits to the layer you are having trouble selecting and then add the previous layer back to the item.

I made an mistake, how can I fix it?

If the product is in your shopping cart you can return to the product page and edit your design or start over from scratch. If you are in the product designer you can click the reload icon on the top of the page.


  • did you change the way to change the colors of things? because i am only able to pick the background color now. is there a way to do more than one color now or can you only choose one color now?

    jenna on

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