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About Stock Show Boutique

Sandy family and Colorado State Fair champion market lamb, 2018.

I am a creative, dreamer, and entrepreneur located in northern Colorado. I am like you, from a family where livestock and stock shows are a vital part of our existence, molding and shaping our lives every day.

We are all very proud of our way of life, and now we have a way to showcase it outside of your t-shirt or cap. I am excited to offer unique items that you haven’t had a chance to purchase before!

Getting to know me!

A Little More About Angie

Sandy Sisters and their lambs.

My name is Angie Sandy, and I share my love for life with my husband and three daughters. I was born and raised in northern Colorado showing horses as a child; I know some of you shudder at the thought. My husband showed cattle as a youth, so naturally, we wanted that to be a part of our children’s lives. They currently enjoy showing lambs, cattle, and our newest addition goats.

In my “spare time” I love being with my girls, riding horses, and growing my budding love of photography! When you find me at the computer, I am sipping on a cup of coffee and listening to talk radio or jamming to my Spotify playlists!

Cattle, hogs, lambs, Goats & More

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We ordered a specialized lunch box for my daughter, not only did it come on the expected date, it looked exactly like how we pictured it to be! Ordering is so simple, even putting a personal touch on it was pretty easy! Very impressed!!

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Bobbie Jo Page