15 signs You’re a Stock Show Parent

Stock show parents aren’t your average parents. Stock show parents are tough, pushing you to be the best you can be. They want you to win, and they want you to work at showing so that you can win easier than before. Stock show parents are a 360 on parents that aren’t involved in the livestock showing industry and here’s a list of reasons why.

  1. Muddy boots are always in the house. Unlike some moms that would freak out if you wore shoes in the house, stock show moms don’t care. They just see that muddy boots as sign that you have been outside preparing for your next competition.
  2. Most parents meet their kid’s boyfriends or girlfriends in the house and have a nice sit down dinner. Stock show parents meet their kid’s boyfriends or girlfriends in the barn or arena. Even though they probably just met their daughter’s boyfriend for the first time, chances are the stock show dad is going to put that boy to work cleaning stalls.
  3. Your average parent probably just feeds the family and calls it a day. Your stock show parent is thinking about feeding your family and then the animals in the barn.
  4. Average moms don’t like the idea of getting dirty. A stock show mom doesn’t mind dirt, snot, and other unmentionables.
  5. An average person’s vehicle probably just has kid’s clothes and a movie player for the kids to watch. A stock show family’s vehicle has show sticks, combs, and halters.
  6. Normal families probably don’t spend every weekend gone. Stock show families live on the road. They are constantly going to shows to get as much ring time as possible before the big show.
  7. Normal families wouldn’t think about sleeping in a lawn chair. Stock show families can sleep in a lawn chair whenever and wherever. When they get the opportunity to sleep you best believe they are going to.
  8. Most moms just worry about how the kids look on picture day. Stock show moms worry about how you are going to look standing in front of that display.
  9. Average moms fix their daughters hair when she asks. Stock show moms fix their daughters hair and then their daughter’s animal’s hair. They know how to fit and aren’t afraid to show it.
  10. Average parents know how to pack their vehicle perfectly for family trips. Stock show parents know how to pack the trailer perfectly.
  11. Most parents clean the house and do laundry and call it a day. Stock show parents clean the house, do laundry, and then go clean the barn. A clean barn is a happy sight.
  12. Average moms cook dinner and know what spices to add to make it better. Stock show moms know what additives will help develop bigger bones, and more hair.
  13. Normal parents take a dog for a walk. Stock show families take an animal that weight 300 pounds and up for a walk.
  14. Normal parents take their animals to doctors to get shots and medicine. Stock show parents know how to give animals shots and know what medicine will treat that animal.
  15. Last but no least, normal parents bond with their kids at the dining room table or sitting around a tv. Stock show parents bond with their kids sitting around a trailer or heading to a show.
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Breanna Viles

Breanna Viles

About Breanna Viles is a current college student who is combining her passion for agriculture and love for writing together, which created Raised in a Barn on Facebook. On WordPress her blog is called Raised Right in a Barn is an informational and educational blog that is helping give agriculture a much needed voice. When she isn't blogging she is spending time with her family, boyfriend, or enjoying life on the farm.
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