10 Reasons to Love Fair Season

Finally, fair season is upon us. Fair season is the best time of the year for agriculturists everywhere. A fair is the best place to take your prized possessions whether that is something you crafted, something from your garden, something you made, or your show animal. We all love fair time! Here are some of the top ten reasons we love the fair.

  1. It’s a family event. Most local fairs are free to enter and don’t cost much to enter with your project or show animal. State fairs cost those few extra dollars to get in, but are completely worth it. You will never see a kid more happy until you take a kid to a fair.
  2. You can make new friends and meet new people. County or state fair, you will always run into a friend and a stranger. In the agriculture world, we like to turn those strangers into friends. Will Rogers said it best, “I never met a man I didn’t like.”
  3. Fair food! We all aren’t afraid to indulge in that fried food during fair season. We all leave a fair knowing that, “If it isn’t edible now, fry it. Frying it makes everything edible.” We will all later regret trying that fried hamburger, but it was worth it at the time.
  4. You will never hear the words, “I’m bored” come out of a kid’s mouth. There are so many new and exciting things to do during every fair. Watching livestock shows, riding rides, or shopping there will never be a dull moment.
  5. Livestock shows! Most of the agriculture driven people are likely to attend the livestock show. We all enjoy seeing a bunch of hard working and dedicated kids showing us what hard work really is. Plus the kids showing enjoy seeing their hard work pay off.
  6. Fairs are great date places, especially for an aggie. Nothing says young love better than two aggies going to watch a livestock show and eat some fried food.
  7. We love to shop! Fairs are great because you get the opportunity to shop locally. For county fairs there will more than likely be a small exhibit for gardeners to sell their vegetables. We all know how important it is to buy locally, so it’s a great opportunity.
  8. Carnival rides and games. There are tons of different carnival rides and games to choose from! Words of advice from an experience fair goer, “Set a budget, and stick to it.” Sometimes we get caught up in trying to win that teddy bear that we forget that we’ve already handed that guy $50.
  9. The music! County Fairs sometimes let hometown aspiring musicians play, while the State Fairs bring in some of the bigger more well-known bands. Either way it’s a win win. Free concerts really are the best concerts!
  10. The most important reason we love fairs is…. Family time. Fairs are the best place for families to participate in, or just to go to get out of the house. Fairs bring all sorts of families closer together and helps us all make some new memories.

Download our free printable Fair Success List here!

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Breanna Viles

Breanna Viles

About Breanna Viles is a current college student who is combining her passion for agriculture and love for writing together, which created Raised in a Barn on Facebook. On WordPress her blog is called Raised Right in a Barn is an informational and educational blog that is helping give agriculture a much needed voice. When she isn't blogging she is spending time with her family, boyfriend, or enjoying life on the farm.
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